Moving Supplies for Your Big Day

You must have the correct moving supplies ready to use when your moving day is coming or you can make a real mess out of your valuable belongings. A Mother’s Touch Movers can help you select the correct supplies like boxes and tapes and labels so your move goes smoothly and you just sit back and relax.

If we are moving you and you want us to do the packing, then you just let us know when you want us there and we will bring all the professional moving supplies you need and the packers to do the job right.

Our professional packers have done this dozens of times before. They will know what you need from our consultations with you and they will bring everything with them. They also know how to pack your belongings to prevent any damage to them of course.

Doing the packing yourself? Then A Mother’s Touch Movers has you covered with all the supplies you will need to pack like a professional. Just give us a call and we can supply you with everything you need to pack up your apartment, house or office.

Don’t forget to let us know about any ‘special’ pieces like pool tables, pianos, antiques, large paintings, etc. We have the supplies and/or the services that can help you get it packed securely.

We offer:

  • Small Boxes 1.5 cubic ft. for your heavier items like books, small appliances, etc
  • Medium Boxes approximately 18 X 18 X 18 inches. These are still small enough to hold your heavier items and lighter items both
  • Large Boxes 24 X 18 X 18 inches and these work well with your lighter items like bed linens and such. Do not fill these with books.
  • Boxes for Paintings, Mirrors, Large Framed Photos these come 40 X 60 inches and are cut to completely cover and protect these items.
  • Wardrobe Boxes that will allow you to move your clothes hanging up. They are 24 inches wide so measure your closets to see how many you will need.
  • Strong Professional Packing Tape so your boxes don’t come open during the move.

Thank you for considering our professional moving supplies. If you have any questions, please use our convenient Contact Form or just pick up the phone and call us at the number below for answers to any questions or concerns you might have. Thank you!

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